Thursday, June 25, 2015

Armenian Adoption Regarding Serbia Adoptions.

Recieved a very alarming inbox notice on an adoption forum that Robin Sizemore and her crazy attorney put a stupid press release on about me being a "cyber bully" and don't believe everything you read on the internet. 
Granted you shouldn't because there is misinformation, but read and make your own decisions.  

copy of note from inbox, the name of the sender is not shared. 

 Hopscotch adoption agency again in action with intercountry adoptions from Serbia.This time with big support of her friend and the most dishonest person I’ve ever heard of,Leah Spring.There were/are many illegal activities of this person,along with the NGO Cherish Our Children International,Leah works for.I have many true informations about it,and it’s just unbeleivable how does Serbian government tolerate it unless…...Leah has mental ilness in her family,paranoid schizophrenia,and is a very mean, unscrupulous person, driven by the desire for power and financial gain.
Hope hearing from soon.It’ll be good for someone to worn Serbian government and American Embassy about Hopscotch and Leah Spring

Never will understand why the Hague Convention was posed in the State Department but adoption agencies such as Hopscotch Adoptons can still work with non-Hague compliant countries.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Adoption of Armenian children severely disabled by Americans

This little down syndrome boy also has leukemia and was purchased
by a couple in Virginia from an orphanage in Armenia.  I am told he is not Armenian
but rather Russian.  Sometimes Armenians will say that about the kids with blond hair or who are Special Needs.
From the "Saviors" video quoting scripture " I will bring your children from the East and
gather you from the West
"  WTF?  Are they fucking retarded?  This Down Syndrome kid they
purchased will have more brains then them.  They even naively on their blog stated "The adoption agency we used
forbids us to name the country and agency it 's against their policy"    Isnt there something strange about a business
that lacks transparency?  That scripture is stupid.  
This family has no children of their own, they are from Virginia. (name is protected even though Robin has broadcasted their name from the internet as getting a "baby boy" from Armenia.

Why they would a childless couple chose a Down Syndrome baby via our friendly "adoption agency" based out of North Carolina.  (you know the one that was fired from Carolina Adoption Services).  There was no bargain on this poor child, this couple still paid $31,000 - sold on Armenian Adoption and "saving a child"

It seems this couple is ultra religious and is boasting about saving a "child" when they could have saved a Down Syndrome baby from the American Foster Care System for less than $5,000.  Gotta love those Armenians selling a damaged bill of goods to odars.

This case is extra sad, 3/4 of the way into this adoption and one month before they were to travel.  It seems our handy dandy trusted adoption agency from North Carolina informed them not only does the boy have Down Syndrome but now has leukemia and is getting chemotherapy treatment.  It's very difficult to believe give the track record of the "Agency" and how sick children have been pawned off on paying customers that there was no information prior to the couple obligating themselves financially and emotionally.  Alas, its one step away from another tragedy and a dead adopted child.

Regardless, the reputation management team of Kelley and his "partner" will still get money from Robin to work miracles on her online reputation and image.  Kelley will spin this into another "saving the children" story and gloss over the fraud part selling damaged goods.  One thing Kelley cannot change is foreign law, and it's decision to halt adoptions unless they are very sick children.  In Fact, Bennet Kelley ruined Robin Sizemore's reputation and business in Armenia with his constant harassment of Armenians (calling us "Mafia") and his fake vexatous litigation and filings with Santa Monica City Attorney and Police Department who have instructed Bennet Kelley to "take a hike" or he will be prosecuted.   Armenia business doesn't concern Bennet Kelley and frankly nothing in California is Bennet Kelley's business.
Freedom of Speech continues, and the truth will always be discussed and transparent not hidden.

From the "Saviors" video
yet these same people haven't lifted a finger to help
American children disabled trapped in the foster care system.  why?

Anouncement from the adoptive parents on their blog about finding out that the boy from Armenia they were obligated to purchase  adopt was not only Down Syndrome but was diagnosed with Leukemia.   Liability wise, Robin should be better advised by her "attorneys" (the one in Long Island is more capable) that health issues and withholding of information (if a family can prove it)  would be a nice big juicy lawsuit against her operation.  This young couple will be spending thousands of dollars in medical and hospital care, this is negligence and unethical. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Armenian Adoptions - numbers of children adopted from Armenia to Europe and USA

Children adopted from Armenia to Europe USA has dropped drastically from 2007 a high of 86 to 2014 a dismal 16.  That is nearly 90% drop
With America and France remaining consistent they are still low.  Italy and Germany had non.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Armenian Adopitons to the USA for 2014 was a whopping 9 adoptions

Here is the 2014 report from the State Department to Congress, a whopping 6,441 adopted to the USA (lowest since 1982) and Armenia only had 9.  No Robin, things will not change.

Some highlights of the dismal report to Congress

Armenia is one of the most expensive to adopt from even handicapped
children can fetch over $30,000 - robin is a great marketer. 
Armenia is one of the longest waits for adoption at 877 days - (that is from when you file your USCIS paperwork)

Armenian Adoptions and Robin keeps dreaming of days passed- Open Adoptions.

This was sent to my e mail address by someone with a watchful eye, it seems that our friendly Odar Baby Snatcher of Armenia still is dreaming of days ago when "open" adoptions were common place.  To refresh your memories "open Adoption" was when the birth mother or true mother would consent to adoption without a central adoption authority involved.  This was common place in Armenia., however after Armenia ratified and adopted (no pun intended) the Hague Convention on human trafficking, open adoptions are not lawful. 
Someone should inform this blint Robin Sizemore that trying this same trick in our Serbian brother's land will get her into problems.  Open Adoptions are essentially a parent selling their child off in many cases to the highest bidder.  Robin still commands high dollars for disabled and special needs kids because she markets her services and the orphanages as the best in Europe (whatever that means)
Alas, Marketing is what Robin Sizemore's degree is in, we all know there isn't any degrees in Child Trafficking 101, so she is in the business of flesh peddling and promotes herself as some sort of professional credible business woman. 
Robin the open adoption days are over, you can run to every obscure country like Serbia and Guyana looking for these niche business opportunities.  When the country burns through a few hundred kids they close down or ask for more money. 
Your attorneys are not advising you very well, you spent oer $200,000 to try and silence me and still you cannot behave yourself when it comes to selling kids you have a sickness.  You are not allowed into the orphanages in Armenia and you know it.  Robin Sizemore you were fired from Carolina Adoption Services and you will never be able to lie your way into getting any more kids out of Armenia.  I warned you it was "shrinking" your money is no good anymore to Armenians, they are pissed at you for selling off healthy children to odars like Beth "Weinstein" Shepherd, who lives in a 900 square foot house, and other Morons willing to wait around for you to purchase that perfect kid for them.
You fool no one,
Here it is Armenia have fun with her. she deserves all the ill treatment you give her.  You are right to adopt the children out to the French or Italians first, they are great people.  Eduard Amalyan is not paying taxes on the cash Robin sends him so please shake him up with the police and get some money for our wounded veterans of Nargano Karabakh. 
Poor Serbians they will find out that Robin is a crazy lady who claims to save children. 
Now here she is with Cara Helberg or what people call her Cara Switch Around.
Cara worked many years for ATWA, then Partners for Adoption - She even unsuccessfully tried her hand at operating an adoption agency but .....well she is back at work with Lesley Siegel.  Not sure why Bennet Kelley had her down as an interrogatory witness as I still have the letter Ms. Helberg sent me congratulating me on my adoption and to bring my daughter by when she gets home.  Additionally she does know that HHS forbids her from discussing any case outside the prior consent of the client or former client.  Or so Bennet Kelley ill advised her and her some time attorney well actually JD boss Lesley (plastic surgery) Siegel. 
Make sure you all look up Reynoso vs. Across the World Adoptions it's a sad case of deceit.
Here they are two little adoption addicts - BFFs  (big fucking frauds) or (best friends forever)

Cara Helberg and Robin Sizemore BFF
2 peas in a pod. WHERE IS JEANNE SOBIE?
Wonder what happened to Robin's other BFF Jeanne Sobie?
Oh that's right Jeanne is now the Armenian Adoption coordinator for
Carolina Adoption Services the organization that fired Robin Sizemore.
Relax Cara.   Japan adoptions from Mamas n Papas will stay open awhile,
so long as you continue to show clients with a large portfolio.  But you can
forget about Russia.  It's over. 

People in California you should research ATWA before you use them.  Ask Lesley Siegel about her
time working at IAC (Independent Adoption Center)

Who needs the Turks to destroy Byzantine Serbs and Armenians
We have Robin Sizemore for that 
Its very clear, Robin Sizemore has a dislike for the Hague Convention on Human Trafficking and is rebelous on laws that are in place to protect children.  Hence she finds those loophole countries that don't quite have an adoption authority with Hague set up.  HerE marches in Robin Sizemore to these niche countries like Ghana, Serbia, Guyana, Morocco, setting up deals with these countries before the ink is dry she is purchasing and reserving kids for those evangelical clients that spew out bible verses faster than you can spit out $30,000

Good Luck Robin you will need it. Jeanne Sobie has been blabbing her mouth all over Armenia about your affinity for wanting to bypass the central authority.   Old habits die hard.

SEAL (of course, Robin wouldn't know about that)
don't say we never warned you Robin Sizemore
you should have thought about that when you
tried to harm me and my family with your paid for
loser buddy Bennet Gerard Kelley
back at you with the truth reaching to the highest levels
of government. 

YES ROBIN SIZEMORE was FIRED from Carolina Adoption Services
TIME MAGAZINE weighs in on the low international adoption numbers